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Entries by Dr. Michael J. Breus from 01/2010

Sleep Hygiene 101: How To Ensure A Better Night's Rest

| Posted 01.06.2010 | Healthy Living

Sleep is actually a combination of 2 systems, your sleep drive (like hunger) and a biological clock that tells you when to sleep. When both are working well together, you sleep best.

Sleep Rituals: Training The Body And The Mind

| Posted 01.13.2010 | Healthy Living

These days, it's far too easy to push bedtime aside with countless distractions, including those from the television, computer, telephone, belated responses to email and text messages.

How Come I Feel More Tired When I Sleep Longer?

| Posted 01.19.2010 | Healthy Living

Your sleep-wake cycle follows a regular pattern (circadian rhythm) and when you sleep "too much" that pattern shifts.

Recurring Dreams And Their Meanings

| Posted 01.27.2010 | Healthy Living

The dream represents a question or message (often related to a limitation, fear or doubt) to the dreamer. It will reach a conclusion once the dreamer understands the message and resolves to make a change.