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Entries by Dr. Michael J. Breus from 03/2010

Forget The Sheep: Try This Instead

| Posted 03.02.2010 | Healthy Living

I've never been a big advocate of the counting-sheep ploy. But I do know that guided imagery and mind games can be very effective

Hope For Children With Insomnia

| Posted 03.05.2010 | Healthy Living

For parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who can't fall asleep easily, there could be a new solution: melatonin.

Hope For SIDS Kids And Their Parents

| Posted 03.08.2010 | Healthy Living

Recently, a little bit of good news finally surfaced in the hunt for what causes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS): abnormal serotonin levels in the baby's brain.

One-Stop Shopping To Boost Your Memory: Take A Nap

| Posted 03.10.2010 | Healthy Living

It's no surprise to me that another study confirms what I've long known to be true: naps are magic bullets to dramatically boost and restore brain power.

Sleep Tips: CBT Good For Sleep and Pain

| Posted 03.15.2010 | Healthy Living

A study indicates that CBT can help patients who already are taking medications for pain and might be reluctant or unable to take additional drugs to treat their sleep problems.

Fit And Sleepless Can Equal Heart Attack

| Posted 03.19.2010 | Healthy Living

A growing body of evidence is linking lack of sleep with heart disease. What if being sleep deprived is just as bad as having high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure?

'Active Sleep' Is Not an Oxymoron

| Posted 03.26.2010 | Healthy Living

I still get amused by people who think sleep is a state of nothingness. Sleep is a break from busy wakefulness for the body's, but there's a lot going on in the brain making sleep far from a state of inactivity.

The British Are Sleepless, Too

| Posted 03.31.2010 | Healthy Living

Americans aren't the only ones complaining of poor sleep, no sleep, and abysmal bed partners. News just hit that the majority of British are losing ground on the war against insomnia, too.