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Entries by Dr. Michael J. Breus from 04/2010

A Sleepless Couch Potato?

| Posted 04.06.2010 | Healthy Living

When you get your sleep, you get to see the pounds fall off all the quicker. And you might even have more energy and want to get off the couch.

Feeling Fat? Forget Your Diet, Check This Out

| Posted 04.09.2010 | Healthy Living

What if you could take control of your waistline just by logging a few more minutes (and for some, hours) of restful sleep a night? Something to think about.

Social Networking, Sleep Deprivation, Drug Use and Teens

| Posted 04.13.2010 | Healthy Living

Alarmingly, a study conducted by UC San Diego and Harvard has concluded that the use of social networks by adolescents influences sleep patterns, sleep deprivation and drug use.

Sleep Violence. Rare, But Real

| Posted 04.15.2010 | Healthy Living

In an editorial about sleep violence, a man chronicles what it's like to commit violent acts in his sleep (granted, his didn't go much further than punching the headboard or acting like a defensive lineman).

Sleep Tips: Is Sexsomnia Real?

| Posted 04.21.2010 | Healthy Living

"Sexsomnia" sounds like a made-up, weird word, but this appears to be a sleep disorder. While doing research for a recent TV appearance , I investigated what looked like a new and intriguing parasomnia.

A Good Night's Sleep for Good Sex

| Posted 04.28.2010 | Healthy Living

Sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss put a serious ding into a sex life. No surprise there. The effects of sleep deprivation -- low energy, fatigue, and sleepiness -- won't inspire sex.

Link Between Sleep Apnea and Eye Disorders

| Posted 04.30.2010 | Healthy Living

Like severe back pain or stomach flu, your world can stop dead in its tracks when you've got an distressing eye disorder. What if the problem in your eyes were associated with your sleep habits?