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Entries by Dr. Michael J. Breus from 11/2010

Sleep Deprivation: It's Not Just An American Thing

| Posted 11.01.2010 | Healthy Living

Turns out we're not the only ones saddled with sleeplessness and too much stress. And we're not the only ones living in a perilous job market and economy that takes its toll on our sleep habits.

Power Napping to Win

| Posted 11.09.2010 | Healthy Living

A nap can be the quickest way to reboot your tired brain in the afternoon, charge yourself up for the rest of the day, and help you refresh yourself down to the cellular level.

Do Genes Determine Your Sleep Quality?

| Posted 11.13.2010 | Healthy Living

I predict that we'll find future associations between genes and sleep disorders, which can help us understand why someone can get away with just four hours a night while others require nine hours.

Underground and Out of Sight: How Does a Lack of Light Affect Your Sleep Cycle?

| Posted 11.20.2010 | Healthy Living

From a sleep perspective, I wondered what it would be like to live in an environment with no natural light for 69 days.

Sleep Deprivation and Cancer Risk: Is There a Link?

| Posted 11.22.2010 | Huffington Post

A study published by the journal Cancer in October, reflects the first time anyone has ever found a link between sleep duration and risk of polyps, which are tied directly with the risk for colon cancer.

Teen Sleep Problems: Could Texting and E-Mailing Be to Blame?

| Posted 11.26.2010 | Healthy Living

As if we really needed anything else affecting a teen's mood and sleep, recent research shows that Internet use and texting can have a serious, detrimental effect on both sleep and mood.