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Entries by Dr. Peter Breggin from 07/2005

FDA Continues to Confirm Antidepressant Risks I First Identified More Than a Decade Ago

| Posted 07.04.2005 | Entertainment
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I first began writing about antidepressant-induced suicidality in 1991. At that time I identified drug-induced suicidality as part of a much larger problem -- antidepressant-induced activation or stimulation similar to that caused by amphetamine, methamphetamine and cocaine. Antidepressant stimulation can lead to violence as well as suicide and a wide variety of abnormal and even psychotic behaviors. Especially in people who are already depressed, these over-stimulated reactions can lead to a severe worsening of depression or to transformation of the depression into mania.

Thanks Tom Cruise

| Posted 07.17.2005 | Huffington Post

On June 25, Tom Cruise did the unthinkable on TV. He got serious about our widespread use of psychiatric drugs to solve our personal distress and anguish. He said that antidepressants can only "mask the problem" and that "these drugs are very dangerous." He called psychiatry a "pseudoscience" and suggested that there are better approaches. He was right about all of this. In fact, I'd go further. Modern biological psychiatry is a materialistic religion masquerading as a science. Modern psychiatry makes believe that psychological and spiritual problems, such as anxiety and depression, are caused by mechanical failures in the physical brain.