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Entries by Dr. Peter Breggin from 11/2009

The Fort Hood Shooter: A Different Psychiatric Perspective

| Posted 11.08.2009 | Politics

Before I begin to look at his role as a psychiatrist, I want to confirm that Major Nidal Malik Hasan was driven by religious ideology. For years he o...

Hasan, Fort Hood, and the Need to Reassert, "Wow, I'm an American!"

| Posted 11.12.2009 | Politics

The military failed to protect itself from Major Nidal Hasan. Why? Because it has been neutered by the shame and guilt engendered by political correctness.

The Real Thanksgiving Day -- Our Presidents Explain

| Posted 11.23.2009 | Politics

By looking at what our most revered presidents have said about the meaning of Thanksgiving, we can get a better idea of the purpose of our national holiday.

Scientists as Liars: From Global Warming to Biological Psychiatry

| Posted 11.30.2009 | Green

Scientists who speak for massive establishments easily gain a headlock on the media and a stranglehold on public opinion. But despite their claims, they don't have a monopoly on the truth.