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Entries by Dr. Tian Dayton from 04/2008

Living on the Edge: Achieving Emotional Sobriety

| Posted 04.07.2008 | Healthy Living

Emotions, it turns out, impact our thinking more than our thinking impacts our emotions. When our emotions are out of control, so is our thinking. And when we can't bring our feeling and thinking into some sort of balance, our life and our relationships show it.

Developing Emotional Literacy: Learning to Talk Out Rather Than Act Out

| Posted 04.16.2008 | Healthy Living

Learning to talk out rather than act out our emotions is what separates human beings from the animal kingdom.

Growing Up Scared: What We Learn When Our Family Does Not Teach Us Good Emotional Balance

| Posted 04.29.2008 | Healthy Living

Children come into this world only partially hardwired by nature, nurture does the rest. Each tiny interaction between parent and child actually lays down the neural networks that help us to experience and regulate our emotions.