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Entries by Dylan Brody from 08/2010

Cool, Clear Profit

| Posted 08.03.2010 | Politics

If water comes to be deemed a fundamental human right and comes to be protected as such, how will important profit margins be maintained within the soft drink and petroleum industries?

Love in the Age of H8

| Posted 08.10.2010 | Politics

The same groups who now oppose gay marriage not so long ago railed against homosexuals for their promiscuity. Let me put forth a simple theory: You can't please bigots.

If You Disagree With Me, the Terrorists Have Won

| Posted 08.30.2010 | Comedy

They say the first victim of war is the truth. I think the first victim might be a cultural sense of irony.

We Hold These Truths to Be Completely Malleable

| Posted 08.30.2010 | Politics

I don't care that Obama is a Christian. I care that a country that guarantees freedom of religion thinks it's okay to treat this question as an issue.