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Entries by Dylan Brody from 09/2010

The War on Terror Was Lost at its Inception

| Posted 09.03.2010 | World

Terror cannot be defeated with military action, no matter how powerful or how well equipped the military that takes the action. Terrorism is a tactic, not an enemy.

Bonfire of Insanity -- Pastor Terry Jones' Burning Love for Jesus

| Posted 09.10.2010 | Comedy


Gays in the Military Deserve a Love Song as Much as Anyone

| Posted 09.13.2010 | Comedy

With "Don't Ask Don't Tell" falling under the weight of its own unconstitutional construct, it is clear that the sticking of fingers in one's ears and humming loudly is not recognized as a valid governmental mandate.

The Tea Party: Poor, Deluded Koch Suckers

| Posted 09.21.2010 | Politics

The Kochs see the poor as stupid people to be used as fodder in their own crusade for increased profits. As long as we who disagree with them continue to attack members of the Tea Party as fools, we only serve to polarize and entrench them.