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Entries by Earl Ofari Hutchinson from 12/2008

Behind the Screwy Obama Birth Certificate Controversy

| Posted 12.01.2008 | Politics

At first glance it defied credulity that the... Chicago Tribune would do something as screwball as giving any credence to the issue of whether... Obama is really a U.S. citizen or not.

More Than a Sentence for O.J. Simpson

| Posted 12.04.2008 | Huffington Post

The instant O.J. Simpson was found guilty of robbery, kidnapping and weapons charges in a Las Vegas court, a lusty on line debate ensued between le...

Method to Thomas Madness on Obama Birth Certificate

| Posted 12.05.2008 | Huffington Post

The harebrained lawsuit demanding disclosure whether President elect Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen or not was laughed out of New Jersey courts in...

Don't Blame Obama For Disappointing Liberals

| Posted 12.08.2008 | Politics

If liberal Democrats and especially those further to the left are grumbling louder and louder about Obama they have no one but themselves to blame.

More Nuttiness on the Obama Birth Certificate Non-Issue

| Posted 12.09.2008 | Politics

The cases won't go anywhere but that's less important than the attention, publicity, and mischief making that the frivolous Obama hounders can cause.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Should Bow Out for Obama's Seat

| Posted 12.13.2008 | Politics

The whispers and rumors about Jackson Jr. will swirl no matter what the FBI and the U.S. attorney ultimately decide about the extent of his involvement in the scandal.

Obama's Rick Warren Pick Makes Perfectly Good Sense

| Posted 12.18.2008 | Politics

The 60 to 80 million Christian evangelicals are still too big, too important, and too politically strategic to ignore. Obama knows that and that's a big reason why Warren will pray at his inauguration.

Did Sharpton Seal the Deal for Caroline Kennedy?

| Posted 12.20.2008 | Politics

This is a hard pill for some to swallow but Sharpton has been a pathway for a lot of Democrats and would-be Democratic politicians to go through for years to get and stay on the political radar.

What Did Obama Know, And When Did He Know it?

| Posted 12.22.2008 | Politics

The Blago-Emanuel and by extension Obama connect in itself would normally be little more than a pinprick distraction except for the long history of corrupt Chicago style wheeling and dealing.

Shirtless Obama Pic More than Media Goofiness

| Posted 12.24.2008 | Media

Whether staged or not, the topless shot made the right political statement that a president with a body that exudes health and confidence will exude the same for the nation.

Remembering the Other Eartha Kitt

| Posted 12.27.2008 | Entertainment

The Eartha Kitt that I knew, remember, and pay homage to, was an impassioned contributor to peace and civil rights.

Will Other GOP Officials Condemn the Magic Negro Ridicule?

| Posted 12.29.2008 | Politics

If Saltsman felt that he could issue the CD and get away with it, it's because too many other Republicans have made offensive racial slips or digs in the past with little or no consequence.

Blagojevich's Race Card Appointment Was Inevitable

| Posted 12.31.2008 | Politics

The idea that there are seats and appointments specially reserved for blacks and minorities in Illinois or anywhere else is hardly an aberration. Politicians shuffle the race card all the time.