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Entries by Earl Ofari Hutchinson from 04/2010

Playing the Obama Socialist Card Again

| Posted 04.02.2010 | Politics

Facts be darned, branding Obama a socialist, Marxist, Bolshevik, and wealth hater is a set piece in the GOP arsenal, mostly because it works. It touches a raw nerve with most Americans who are clueless on what socialism is and how it works as a system.

Obama Makes It Official: He's African-American

| Posted 04.05.2010 | Politics

Obama's self-designation of himself as African-American on his Census form made what's painfully obvious official.

Why Michael Steele Won't Go

| Posted 04.08.2010 | Politics

A handful of Republicans publicly, and even more so privately, call for Michael Steele to step down. That won't happen. There are good reasons why.

Obama Can Now Pick a Judge With a Heart

| Posted 04.11.2010 | Politics

Obama has the chance to follow his heart and pick the kind of judge that both Bush picks weren't, a judge who will protect the rights of the powerless, minorities, and women.

Why the GOP Plays the Slavery Card

| Posted 04.13.2010 | Politics

The GOP driven by personal instincts, political leanings, history, demographics, and raw political necessity will do what it has done for decades, and more times than not successfully.

Recycling the Angry White Male

| Posted 04.20.2010 | Politics

A recent New York Times/CBS poll confirmed the obvious: Tea Party activists are overwhelmingly white, male, conservative, lower-income, and GOP-leaning.

Back on the Trail of the King Assassination

| Posted 04.25.2010 | Books

Hampton Sides' Hellhound on His Trail makes it clear that James Earl Ray's overwhelming guilt doesn't negate the fact that the FBI waged a protracted and illegal secret war against Martin Luther King.

Arizona Anti-Immigration Law Puts President Obama on the Spot

| Posted 04.26.2010 | Politics

Obama gave immigration reform short shrift in his State of the Union back in February, and this rankled immigration reform backers. Arizona may have taken the option of watch and wait caution off the White House table.

Facebook Thinks Praying for President Obama's Assassination is Okay

| Posted 04.30.2010 | Technology

At any other time and with any other president, the Facebook million strong posts imploring the Lord to act against the president might be shrugged off as a sick joke. But this is not another time or another president.