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Entries by Edgar M. Bronfman from 08/2010

Obama's New Style in the Middle East

| Posted 08.02.2010 | World

Barack Obama simply does not believe that the Israel-Palestinian conflict is a zero-sum game. He truly believes, as I do, that everyone will be better off once peace is achieved in the Middle East.

The Arab Role in Making Peace

| Posted 08.03.2010 | World

It is high time that the Arab world's professed desire for peace in the Middle East is matched by responsible action, and not more of the same equivocation.

Getting Israel's Message Across

| Posted 08.04.2010 | World

For a country that has led the world in developing cutting edge communication hardware and software technologies, it is ironic and saddening that Israel has so far failed to utilize them wisely in its own defense.

The Impact of Israel's Internal Politics

| Posted 08.05.2010 | World

For all those who care deeply about the security and well-being of the Jewish state, it is clear that the present political system is not working. Israel's own politics are hindering it from the crucial steps it needs to take for its own survival.

The Jewish State and the Jewish Diaspora

| Posted 08.06.2010 | Politics

Even as American Jewry extends its political support to Israel, we should never stop questioning how we can make a "better Israel" a reality.