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Entries by Edward Flattau from 04/2010

Palin: Illusion and Reality

| Posted 04.20.2010 | Green

Will hypocrisy then be rampant in Sarah Palin's TV series for the Discovery Channel? Or will she have experienced an epiphany regarding the preservation of Alaska's pristine natural resources?

Earth Day 40

| Posted 04.21.2010 | Green

This downgrading of Earth Day resurrects the tired old shibboleth that when economic growth and environmental reform appear to be in conflict, the latter must give way.

Ideological Masquerade

| Posted 04.26.2010 | Green

Conservatives' positions on issues bears no resemblance to those of their forebearers. Nowhere is the adulteration of conservative principles more manifest than in environmental concerns.

Conservative Rampage

| Posted 04.27.2010 | Green

Why did the Washington Times trumpet a devotion to waste, pollution and dirty fuels? Their acerbic rhetoric was hardly a way to expand readership and gain credibility on the national stage.