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Entries by Ellen Brown from 01/2010

Escape from Pottersville: The North Dakota Model for Capitalizing Community Banks

| Posted 01.04.2010 | Business

Where can our floundering community banks get the capital to make room on their books for substantial new loans? An innovative answer is provided by the state of North Dakota.

Funding Public Health Care With a Publicly Owned Bank: How Canada Did It

| Posted 01.25.2010 | Business

The Bank of Canada was created to end the hardships of the depression and give the government responsibility for the health of the economy. As it turned out, the Bank funded the health of the Canadian people.

JPMorgan vs. Goldman Sachs: Why the Market Was Down for 7 Days in a Row

| Posted 01.29.2010 | Business

We're witnessing an epic battle between two giants, JPMorgan Chase (Volcker) and Goldman Sachs (Geithner/Summers/Rubin). Left strewn on the battleground could be your pension fund and 401K.