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Entries by Ellis Weiner from 08/2007

The Fraudacity of Hope: Bush's Faith-Based Triumph

| Posted 08.03.2007 | Huffington Post

Having just revised a draft of a book about the Rapture and the Tribulation (I'll be reminding you of it, obsessively, as the date of its publication ...

Highly Recommended

| Posted 08.10.2007 | Politics
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The Republicans, bless their hearts, are just as capable of buying Giuliani's line of baloney as they were (and still are) of buying W's. They're The Baloney Buyin' Party, those Republicans.

We're the Republicans. And We're Looking for a Few Good Men.

| Posted 08.30.2007 | Politics

Maybe you've heard the news lately: The Republican Party -- the party of Lincoln, of Ike, of the Gipper, yes, that Republican Party -- has gone homo.