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Entries by Emma Ruby-Sachs from 04/2009

Falling Short of Full Constitutional Protection for Gays in Iowa

| Posted 04.03.2009 | Politics

In upholding gay marriage, the Iowan Court made a number of choices. Some of these were as progressive as the California Supreme Court's In re Marriage Casesruling and some were not.

Torn Apart By DOMA

| Posted 04.10.2009 | Politics

One can only hope that quick passage of the UAFA will help people like Karla and Stacy have a fair shot at making a loving committed relationship work for the long term.

Amazon Censors Gay Books

| Posted 04.13.2009 | Media

What progress we have made that a few stories on the internet can make a giant like Amazon apologize and change because their actions offend notions of equality and decency that include LGBT Americans.

Miss USA and the B-Word

| Posted 04.21.2009 | Politics

Miss California, like many who share her take on the marriage issue, was careful to talk about her "opinion" and "beliefs" and the way she was raised as if this excused her intolerance. Barack Obama talks about tradition and belief as well in defense of his own position.

An LGBT Report Card for Obama's First 100 Days

| Posted 04.28.2009 | Politics

Compared to the rows of sullen, silent Presidents behind him, Obama looks like a gay rights brown-noser. But when it comes to actual change in the lives of LGBT people, nothing has been done.