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Entries by Eric Alterman from 11/2010

Think Again: War for the Hell of It: The Sad Decline of David Broder

| Posted 11.04.2010 | Media
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With all the Election Day back-and-forth between both parties over what to do about sky-high unemployment -- whether to cut deficits, increase them, o...

Think Again: Glenn Beck and the Uses of Anti-Semitic Propaganda

| Posted 11.12.2010 | Media
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It's annoying to have to write about Glenn Beck or even to pay any attention to him at all. If anyone truly believed the various things Glenn Beck cla...

Think Again: When Money Talks, Who Listens (Besides Politicians)?

| Posted 11.18.2010 | Media
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Political scientist Frank Baumgartner explains that the real outcome of most lobbying -- in fact, its greatest success -- is the achievement of nothing, the maintenance of the status quo.

Think Again: Good Journalism Is Not Free, and Somebody's Got to Pay for It

| Posted 11.24.2010 | Media

The danger is that questions relating to the fairness and openness of America's "marketplace of ideas" will be buried beneath an avalanche of both jargon and apathy.