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Entries by Eric Boehlert from 06/2006

Is Tony Snow Out of the Loop?

| Posted 06.02.2006 | Media
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The most consistent complaint made against McClellan was that he was not part of Bush's inner circle. The arrival of Tony Snow was supposed to change all that.

Newsroom Lessons From The Wen Ho Lee Fiasco

| Posted 06.05.2006 | Media
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The Wen Ho Lee saga has always been about the woeful conduct of the Times and its embarrassing reliance on someone like Trulock who wielded such an obvious partisan ax.

Unhinged Over Haditha, The Right Beats The Press

| Posted 06.07.2006 | Media
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Where, readers and viewers were left to wonder, were the all the gleeful articles, quotes, headlines, and cable news talk shows about Haditha?

The Washington Times Slimes Democrats With a Lie

| Posted 06.09.2006 | Media
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Wingers online were cackling over a Washington Times article headlined "Democrats call Zarqawi killing a stunt." Slight problem: The Times completely manufactured the story.

The Washington Post: Journalists Should Always Get the Last Word

| Posted 06.12.2006 | Media
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The cushy, can't-lose scenario Getler sets up for journalists--you can't say they rolled over for Bush unless you interview them and they admit it on the record--just doesn't fly.

Bush Has "Affection" for the Press -- and It Shows

| Posted 06.16.2006 | Media
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Bush's official apology line was that he needled a blind reporter, the way he's needled other pressmen, "out of affection." See, deep down Bush loves the press.

The Press Plays Dumb About the Bush Bounce

| Posted 06.20.2006 | Media
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They go to extraordinary lengths to avoid spelling out the obvious--it would take an hydraulic lift to get Bush's numbers back into the realm of respectability, let alone popularity.

The Press Derides Dems on Iraq; The Public Praises Dems on Iraq

| Posted 06.22.2006 | Media
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National Review Says New York Times Bad, Jeff Gannon Good

| Posted 06.28.2006 | Media
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Last year the National Review defended Gannon's special right to be waved into White House briefings--under an alias--without having to sit for a formal FBI background check...