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Entries by Eric Boehlert from 07/2006

I Think ABC's Terry Moran Owes Me an Apology

| Posted 07.06.2006 | Media
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Only the most somnambulant correspondent -- or perhaps Terry Moran -- would deny Bush and the Republican Party have declared war on the press.

Ann Coulter's Column, Begging To Be Killed

| Posted 07.07.2006 | Media
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In her latest effort, Coulter uses her column to settle personal scores (in a way that's completely baffling to most of her readers) and as a forum to interview herself.

Civil War at the The Wall Street Journal

| Posted 07.13.2006 | Media
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Reporters there want somebody at the Journal to stand up and denounce the reckless behavior of the extreme right editorial page.

CNN's Lebanon Problem

| Posted 07.14.2006 | Media
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Has CNN gotten to the point where it won't report pertinent facts that are essential in putting the story in context?

Fox News (Officially) Abandons Journalism in the Middle East

| Posted 07.26.2006 | Media
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It's obvious Fox News has opted to present an hermetically sealed version of events from the Middle East and spoon feed its viewers a pre-school-like version of the news.

Fox News' Oliver North Questions Whether Israel Bombed Qana

| Posted 07.31.2006 | Media
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In response to a question from a studio audience member, Fox News host Oliver North suggested Israel may or may not have been responsible for the bombing in Qana.