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Entries by Eric Boehlert from 06/2009

Sotomayor, Gingrich, and the Demise of Our Press Corps

| Posted 06.02.2009 | Media

To chase the "racist" story, the press had to play dumb on an epic scale.

O'Reilly and Fox News Will Have More Right-Wing Violence to Answer For

| Posted 06.09.2009 | Media

The Fox News crew is going to need better talking points because I fear the violence -- the bouts of right-wing domestic terrorism -- are likely to continue.

Fox News Downplays the Holocaust Museum Killing

| Posted 06.11.2009 | Media

The Fox News team seemed to lose interest in the Holocaust Museum shooting when it was revealed that von Brunn had strong ties to the Klu Klux Klan.

The Weekly Standard Owes Me a Correction (I'll Wait)

| Posted 06.24.2009 | Media

How difficult is it to send a Weekly Standard "reporter" to a National Press Club event and then assume that "reporter" can accurately quote what people said at the event?

How ABC News Debunked the Obama "Honeymoon" Myth

| Posted 06.30.2009 | Media

I'm pretty sure if Obama were enjoying a media honeymoon, ABC News would have touted its recent poll results, not gone out of its way to present the findings as bad news.