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Entries by Eric Boehlert from 11/2010

Andrew Breitbart's Mainstream Demise

| Posted 11.03.2010 | Media

Thankfully, Breitbart's time as a mainstream, albeit right-wing, media star is now on the descent. And that's not because of evil liberal bias. Networ...

Memo To Media: There Is No Right-Wing "Smell Test"

| Posted 11.10.2010 | Media

Did Sarah Palin's death panel claim pass any kind of smell test last year? And what about the right-wing blogosphere's freak-out this summer that Mexican gangs had invaded Texas? Of course not.

Will NPR's Mara Liasson Defend Her Colleagues From Roger Ailes' "Nazi" Attack?

| Posted 11.18.2010 | Media

With his unhinged interview this week, Ailes has now raised the bar on NPR hating. Will Liasson now finally step forward and defend her colleagues from these insane attacks?

Fact: Tina Fey Was Right About Palin and the Rape Kits

| Posted 11.23.2010 | Media

Before the story completely fades from view, it's important to note that Fey's claim about Palin and rape kits was accurate, no matter what right-wing bloggers say as they continue their ongoing effort to whitewash the thorny issue.