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Entries by Eric Kuhn from 06/2009

How To: Faith-Based Marketing

| Posted 06.01.2009 | Business

Demographics were the market segmentation choice of the last century, but ideology will rule this one.

Behind the NRDC's Social Media Strategy

| Posted 06.21.2009 | Green

hen the Natural Resources Defense Council needs to generate attention for environmental issues, one of the people they turn to is Apollo Gonzales, the Netroots campaign manager.

IAVA Founder on Ning and his Veterans Support Campaign

| Posted 06.30.2009 | Media

The on-line and on-air campaign, anchored by Ning-based, was established to support veterans coming home. The first quarter brought in $26 million in donated media.

Mike Gravel on the Personal Democracy Forum

| Posted 06.30.2009 | Politics

"Change is only going to come about when people have the power to act upon the knowledge that they will acquire through the new technology," says former Alaska Democratic Senator Mike Gravel.