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Entries by Eric Schmeltzer from 04/2008

Till the Convention: Ugly, Uglier, Ugliest

| Posted 04.01.2008 | Politics

Unchallenged and undefined by the Democrats' side, John McCain should only drive his numbers up, while infighting brings the Democrats down.

The Cables' Cash-Cow: The Neverending Primary

| Posted 04.03.2008 | Media

Why the harsher focus on stories that might drive down Obama's numbers and less on those that might drive down Hillary's?

Colombia and Bill: The Unanswerable Question for Hillary Clinton

| Posted 04.11.2008 | Politics

2008-04-11-hillary_colombia.jpg Either she admits that she's not really as opposed to the trade deal as she says, or that she has no control over Bill, which of course is a bigger problem, as we'd be facing a "Two-Headed President" scenario.

The Real Elites, as Filled with Elite-i-ness as Ever

| Posted 04.17.2008 | Politics

After days of near universal agreement that Obama's "bitter" comment was going to absolutely crush him, it turns out that most people in small towns don't care, and if anything, they kind of agree.

Who Will be Thrown Under the Clinton Bus Next?

| Posted 04.19.2008 | Politics

Without Move On, she would not be Senator Clinton. She would be the wife of disgraced-and-removed former President Clinton. It's a pattern, of tossing aside key supporters, when she believes the political situation calls for it.

Destructive Primary? Gee, Who Woulda Thunk It

| Posted 04.23.2008 | Politics

McCain is now the only candidate in the race viewed more favorably than unfavorably, and he is intermittently hitting the 50 percent mark in the head to head matchups.

McCain's Genius 'Good Cop/Bad Cop' Game

| Posted 04.25.2008 | Politics

It's not very often that I'll compliment McCain, but his campaign's strategy over this now-infamous North Carolina GOP ad hitting Obama is one shrewd move.

Will African Americans Return?

| Posted 04.29.2008 | Politics

If African Americans don't turn out for Clinton, or vote against her, to any degree less than the last few presidential contests, she will lose.