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Entries by Erin Kotecki Vest from 01/2008

Dear Michelle Obama, a Look Back

| Posted 01.02.2008 | Politics

The Obama and Clinton family have my utmost respect simply for trying to be the first. There is risk in this for white Southern male John Edwards, but not the risk of the first minority or the first woman.

How Hillary Can Win Me Back

| Posted 01.06.2008 | Politics

Don't sell me a softer Hillary, sell me what I know works and gets stuff done: Raging Ass Kicker Hillary.

Apparently I'm Supposed to Care Which Candidate is "Sexy"

| Posted 01.19.2008 | Politics
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Are you serious? A poll asking voters which presidential candidate is the "sexiest"? I'm curious why any polling company would ask this question, and why the hell they think I care.