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Entries by Esther J. Cepeda from 08/2008

Nuclear Power Could Fuel Chicago's Economy

| Posted 08.14.2008 | Chicago

Imagine the full weight of Chicago's corporate and governmental resources trained on a city full of young brown and black student cash cows - millions of dollars poured into neighborhood schools in 'hoods and townships across Illinois designed to build the next generation of resident engineers and skilled laborers tasked with building the next generation of safe, clean nuclear power plants across America!

Rick Bayless: Chicago's Official Mexican chef?

| Posted 08.23.2008 | Chicago

In a town with at least a handful of hot Latino chefs and restaurateurs - and where 1.44 million of its 1.8 million Hispanics are of Mexican descent - when you look at all the Mexican chefs who are referred to as Mexican food experts in Chicago's media, there's no list - it's just Rick Bayless.

A New Press for Justice in Chicago Cop's Thanksgiving Day killings

| Posted 08.26.2008 | Chicago

Sadly, citizens of Chicago have come to mistrust the police who are supposed to serve and protect them - and the system that lets bad cops literally get away with murder. The reopening of Officer John Ardelean's car crash case might be a small step toward rebuilding some of that trust.

Sun-Times' Gasping Leaves Us All Winded

| Posted 08.27.2008 | Chicago

The Sun-Times may not think Jay Mariotti's departure is a loss, but his spot-on call of the Chicago newspaper market is really a loss for us all.