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Entries by Frank Gruber from 06/2009

New Urbanism: Very Misunderstood

| Posted 06.11.2009 | Politics

New Urbanists are attacked from both sides of America's cultural divide. Chances are, if you mention New Urbanism to a group of forward thinking, contemporary design professionals, whether architects or planners, they will roll their eyes.

Report From the Denver New Urbanism Congress, Part 2

| Posted 06.12.2009 | Politics

Theories were created for all kinds of urbanism except for the kind that became dominant in America: suburban sprawl.

Report From the Denver New Urbanism Congress Part 3

| Posted 06.15.2009 | Politics

New Urbanism is an elastic concept, and an elastic movement. On one hand it's pragmatic, on the other, it's got a Charter with principles.

In Search of a Fourth Urbanism

| Posted 06.25.2009 | Healthy Living

If conventional suburban development is our civilization, it has had its discontents for a long time. It's worth considering what the alternatives are.