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Entries by Frank Schaeffer from 12/2008

W The Merciless: What We'll Remember Most About George W. Bush

| Posted 12.08.2008 | Politics

It all started when George W. Bush presided over 152 executions while governor of Texas, more than any other modern era American governor. It ended with the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

Perspectives on Marriage: Score 1 For Gay America -- 0 To The Mormons

| Posted 12.12.2008 | Politics

Heaven for Mormon women is nonstop pregnancy. They produce "spirit babies" who populate the world when humans are born. Mormon women not "sealed to their husbands" are their servants.

James Dobson Gets His Anti-Gay, Anti-Obama Pound Of Flesh

| Posted 12.14.2008 | Politics

Richard Cizik, VP of the National Association of Evangelicals made sympathetic comments about gay rights and gay marriage on when asked by Terri Gross for his opinions.

Abortion: Healing or New Culture War? The Choice is Obama's

| Posted 12.15.2008 | Politics

Pushing abortion regulations and laws into a more permissive place beyond even Roe v. Wade... is a mistake. It will only guarantee that this fight gets even more bitter.

Why is the USA Screwed -- Maybe Forever?

| Posted 12.19.2008 | Politics

We've been pretending that somehow our society is exempt from everything human beings have learned about the need for order, structure and moral taboos.

Obama Was Right To Pick Warren

| Posted 12.19.2008 | Politics

Progressives are too used to failing. Stop worrying about little battles, you just won a war. It's all about real results now, not words, and not symbols. It is time to think like winners.

Shame Our Financial "Kings" (Vive La Guillotine!)

| Posted 12.22.2008 | Huffington Post

Let's collect the names, addresses and personal information on the greedy bastards from the brokerage firms, hedge funds and banks that are taking my money and yours!

Faith, Meaning, Hope and Christmas

| Posted 12.25.2008 | Healthy Living

Faith is certainly not theology to me these days. Church (for me a local Greek Orthodox church) is just one of the places I look for answers to the only real question I have: Why do we long for meaning?