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Entries by Geoffrey Dunn from 01/2009

Richardson's Lies Have Finally Caught Up to Him

| Posted 01.04.2009 | Politics

Bill Richardson and Barack Obama have always seemed a bit like an odd couple -- Richardson has always been only a step or two ahead of trouble.

Sarah Palin's Big Obama Lie

| Posted 01.11.2009 | Politics

While much has been made of the Kennedy and Couric comments, there was a troubling remark, largely overlooked, that Palin made about Barack Obama that was a flat-out, blatant lie.

Better Angels: The Inauguration of Barack Obama

| Posted 01.14.2009 | Politics

As Obama takes his oath of office on Tuesday, may he and this country be guided by those "better angels" upon whom Lincoln called. If ever there were a president who was capable of being so blessed, it is he.

Palin Agonistes: Governor's Aides Charged with New Ethics Violations

| Posted 01.24.2009 | Politics

As Palin is pushing an energy plan that fronts her as presidential material for 2012, two of her top aides are being hit with new ethics charges, to be filed with the state Attorney General on Monday.