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Entries by George Heymont from 08/2010

Improbable Casting Ideas

| Posted 08.02.2010 | Arts

In 1964, long before theater producers started to experiment with nontraditional casting, one of America's greatest caricaturists did a series of bril...

J.C. Lee: A Most Promising Playwright

| Posted 08.10.2010 | Arts

An extremely prolific talent, J.C. Lee's writing demonstrates a wild sense of fantasy combined with a desperate grip on reality. His linguistic strengths help him create unforgettable characters.

Should Rock Musicians Accompany Silent Films?

| Posted 08.12.2010 | Arts

The bottom line is that if the music commissioned for a silent film does nothing to support the work being shown on screen, then a genuine effort should be made to hire more talented composers.

Films of Rare and Exquisite Beauty

| Posted 08.16.2010 | Arts

One of the great blessings of cinema is that it transports us to worlds we might never be able to reach on our own.

Tennessee Williams Ventures South of Market

| Posted 08.18.2010 | Arts

This past season, as most nonprofits were trimming their sails due to the sagging economy, Boxcar Theatre fearlessly staged a whopping 15 productions!

Film: A Roundup Of Neglected Indie Gems (VIDEOS)

| Posted 08.26.2010 | Arts

Back in 2004, when Sideways suddenly became everybody's favorite indie film, I thought it was a reasonably nice movie that failed to live up to the am...