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Entries by George Heymont from 01/2013

The New Abnormal

| Posted 01.01.2013 | Arts

Yes, We're Open is filled with many San Francisco-centric jokes that will resonate with hipster haters ("I'm going to a bacon party at an art gallery"). As Luke's hapless friend Brett, H.P. Mendoza gets to wear one the worst neckties ever seen onscreen in the history of cinema.

Black Box Revolution

| Posted 01.04.2013 | Arts

In some ways, live theater is like mold. It develops in an opportunistic fashion, spreading and growing stronger over time. A perfect example of this process is becoming more visible in San Francisco in the area being touted as the new Central Market Arts District.

Hearts of Darkness

| Posted 01.07.2013 | Arts

The opportunity to experience works like Woyzeck, The Threepenny Opera, Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny, and The Beggar's Opera in an extremely intimate theatre like the 100-seat Ashby Stage make them far more gritty and accessible.

The Curse of Prescience

| Posted 01.10.2013 | Arts

While art is often said to mirror life, what about those uncanny incidents in which a prescient artist foreshadows real-life events? What about major disasters that appear in fictional form years before shocking the world in real time?

Boys to Men

| Posted 01.14.2013 | Arts

Children are full of surprises and, these days, there's no guarantee that a young boy will idolize a football star. Three short films focus on adolescent boys whose development has taken an unexpected turn.

The Gods Must Be Crazy

| Posted 01.17.2013 | Arts

Accepting the existence of one or many gods as a fictional foundation allows one to see how the gods mirror human behavior (rather than humans being created in the image of their gods). One of the more delightful entries in the recent San Francisco Olympians Festival was Athena! The Musical.

All Hands on Deck!

| Posted 01.20.2013 | Arts

I tip my hat to Kathleen Marshall, who directed and choreographed the revival of Anything Goes with the intention of adding plenty of snap, crackle, and pop to a show that is nearly 80 years old. The result is quite astounding.

Acute Body Transformations and Life Changing Events

| Posted 01.24.2013 | Arts

During the recent San Francisco Olympians Festival, two new works focused on what can happen when Greek gods decide to experiment with gender. These world premieres proved to be both fascinating and occasionally hilarious.

Here Comes Trouble!

| Posted 01.28.2013 | Arts

Much of the problem has to do with language. Bradley and his friends tend to use the word "freakin" about as often as many teenagers use the word "like." As everyone knows, if you say the word "f*ck" once, it can have a strong dramatic impact.

Please Pardon the Paws in Today's Proceedings

| Posted 01.31.2013 | Arts

All kinds of cats pepper world literature, from the Cheshire cat that would tease Alice while perched on a tree branch to Dr. Seuss's famous Cat in a Hat. Although many people have a soft spot for Felix the Cat, one of my all-time favorites is Bill the Cat, from Bloom County.