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Entries by Gerald Bracey from 04/2007

Correlation and its Discontents

| Posted 04.02.2007 | Politics
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The human brain is wired to see connections, to see correlations among events. In terms of the survival of the species, this is no doubt a good thing.

No Child Left Behind: A Threat to National Security

| Posted 04.09.2007 | Politics
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If creativity gives the U. S. its competitive edge--and a lot of people do think so--and if No Child Left Behind menaces that creativity, does it not constitute a threat to national security?


| Posted 04.18.2007 | Huffington Post

The Bush Bunch has been taking a lot of flak lately on No Child Left Behind so Dubya gathered a group to hear the complaints. Susan Zelman, Ohio's Superintendent, was the only educator in the room.

No Child Left Behind: The Triumph of Diana Moon Glompers

| Posted 04.22.2007 | Politics
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About two years ago, I penned an essay "With Liberty and Justice and Doctorates for All." I had just attended a press conference where Virginia Gover...

Broad and Gates: Deja Vu All Over Again

| Posted 04.30.2007 | Politics
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To me, Broad-Gates is just the latest installment of corporate America attempting to control education.