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Entries by Gina Solomon from 05/2010

The Gulf Oil Spill: Human Health Is Affected too

| Posted 05.03.2010 | Green

Oil spills destroy ecosystems and kill wildlife, but people's health is directly affected too. As the situation in the Gulf Coast unfolds, the local communities and workers must be protected.

The Other Oil Disaster: Cancer and Canada's Tar Sands

| Posted 05.04.2010 | Green

Today I was privileged to be an invited guest of the community of Fort Chipewyan, Canada. I can't blame you if you've never heard of "Ft. Chip" -...

Q&A PART 1: Gulf Coast Oil Spill and Your Health -- The Basics

| Posted 05.05.2010 | Green

There's a lot of speculation and unanswered questions going around about what the gulf oil leak means for the health of people living and working in the region. In this post, I give some answers.

Q&A PART 2: Gulf Coast Oil Spill and Your Health - Who's at Risk?

| Posted 05.06.2010 | Green

I continue today with Part 2 of my Q&A about oil spill health concerns with a look at different groups of people who are at a particular risk to h...

Oil Spills and Human Health: Lessons from History

| Posted 05.10.2010 | Green

Oil spill clean-up brings workers and volunteers into close contact with chemicals that are known to be hazardous to human health.  As we deal with t...

What's in the Air Along the Louisiana Coast?

| Posted 05.13.2010 | Green

"You shoulda been out here last evening" said Carey, the shrimp boat captain who took me out to South Pass today. He saw that I was taking air samples...

Sick Fishermen and Oily Smells on the Gulf Coast

| Posted 05.20.2010 | Green

Yesterday in Venice, Louisiana, local residents called a press conference to talk about the air. People complained of the oily smells when the wind is blowing off the water, and listed symptoms including headaches, nosebleeds, and vomiting.

Gulf Oil Spill Air Quality Updates: Louisiana

| Posted 05.24.2010 | Green

The oil spilling into the Gulf, and the dispersants being sprayed on the oil, contain some chemicals that evaporate into the air and could be carried ...

Oil Spill Clean-Up Workers Getting Sick

| Posted 05.25.2010 | Green

Many of the fishermen who signed up to work for BP cleaning up the oil signed contracts that forbid them from talking to the press. Perhaps for that r...

Dispersants Demonstrate Flaws in Chemical Policy

| Posted 05.27.2010 | Green

The Gulf is in the throes of a life-threatening emergency, but there have been serious questions about the "treatment" BP has chosen to use.