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Entries by Bill Richardson from 10/2007

Blueprint for a 21st Century Military

| Posted 10.05.2007 | Politics

We need to adjust our promotion and training requirements, as well as our budget priorities, to reflect the war-fighting challenges that face our military in this new century.

A Big Day for Al Gore and the Climate Change Fight

| Posted 10.12.2007 | Politics

The announcement is noteworthy because it signals a new world recognition that the fight for global climate change and the work to revolutionize our energy production as essential to peaceful co-existence.

We're Taking George Bush to Court

| Posted 10.16.2007 | Politics

Basic health services are one of the most cost-effective ways of giving children a leg up in life. But our short-sighted President would rather turn his back, and waste more treasure on his failed war.

It's Time to Make a Choice in Iraq

| Posted 10.17.2007 | Politics
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Real leadership is about making the tough choices, and knowing when it is time to make bold moves. Ending this war requires real change, not more incrementalism.

Where is the National Guard?

| Posted 10.24.2007 | Politics

It is a sad irony that yesterday, the very day I sent fire crews to California, 300 more New Mexico National Guard members were sent to Iraq.