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Entries by Greg Mitchell from 09/2008

3 New Polls: Palin Pick Not Fooling Women

| Posted 09.01.2008 | Politics

What's intriguing are new results regarding McCain's choice for veep, who was expected to draw more women to his side. In fact, men seem to be more impressed with this move than women.

'Watchdog': McCain Should Release His Navy Records on 3 Accidents

| Posted 09.01.2008 | Politics

In a piece posted tonight at the NIeman Watchdog site, Barry Sussman, editor of the Watchdog (which is affiliated with the NIeman Foundation at Harva...

Alaska AFL-CIO Backs Obama -- As Hometown Poll Goes Against Her, Too

| Posted 09.02.2008 | Politics

Unlike the rest of America, they really do know her -- perhaps too well. Since Friday (as chronicled here), several Alaska newspapers have been publi...

The Democratic Dossier on Palin: 62 Pages of 'Oppo Research' Revealed

| Posted 09.02.2008 | Politics

The McCain team may not have vetted Sarah Palin with boots on the ground in Alaska, but the Democrats sure did -- two years ago when she ran for gove...

What Peggy Noonan Wrote This Morning -- Before Her 'Live Mic' Disaster

| Posted 09.03.2008 | Media

Talk about flip flops! Well, here's some of what Noonan wrote just this morning at the Wall Street Journal's online site.

Cynthia Tucker vs. Bill O'Reilly: Does Palin Deserve Criticism for Daughter's Pregnancy?

| Posted 09.04.2008 | Politics

She's a Pulitzer-winning columnist and editorial page director at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He hosts a Fox News show, a syndicated column and ...

Fox News Scoops 'Wash Post' On Bob Woodward's New Bush Book -- Then "Post' Responds!

| Posted 09.04.2008 | Media

Fox News said today it had obtained an advance copy of Bob Woodward's new book on President Bush and quickly spilled some of the beans.

Preview of This Sunday's 'NYT' Interview with Huff Post's Harry Shearer

| Posted 09.05.2008 | Media

Harry Shearer - comedian, writer, cartoon voice, Spinal Tap bassist, Huff Post contributor - gets the Deborah Solomon treatment in this coming Sunday...

Video of Lieberman in 2006 Calling Obama 'A Blessing'

| Posted 09.05.2008 | Politics

"As far as I'm concerned he is a 'Baruch,' which means a blessing. He is a blessing to the United States Senate, to America, and to our shared hopes for better, safer tomorrows for all our families."

Amazing TV Campaign Spot: 'Man from Illinois' vs. Military Hero--But It's 1952!

| Posted 09.07.2008 | Politics

You might find amusing, and amazing, and with current relevance, this vintage singsong TV commercial from back-in-the-day (1952) which promoted Gov. A...

Toll Rises -- At Least 18 U.S. Troops Electrocuted in Iraq

| Posted 09.08.2008 | Politics

Today, Sen. Bob Casey released the following statement after being informed by the Pentagon's Inspector General that 18 individuals have been electrocuted in Iraq.

Ready for Palin? Revisiting Charlie Gibson's 'Embarrassing' Debate Performance in April

| Posted 09.10.2008 | Media

As ABC's Charles Gibson gets ready to conduct the first "real" national media interview with Sarah Palin -- and dozens of media folk offer up good que...

Losing a Friend on 9/11 -- And the Losses Since

| Posted 09.11.2008 | Politics

It's always amazed me how people could invoke 9/11 to sell or accept war, torture and wiretapping, yet the citizens of New York are most opposed to all of those measures.

Update: 'Terror' DVD Getting Delivered to Millions This Weekend -- via Newspapers

| Posted 09.13.2008 | Politics

The documentary, Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West, showcases scenes of Muslim children being encouraged to become suicide bombers, interspersed with shots of Nazi rallies.

Finally: One Brave Newspaper Refuses to Distribute 'Islam Terror' DVD

| Posted 09.15.2008 | Media

The Greensboro News & Record in North Carolina's longtime editor, John Robinson, explained his reasoning in a column yesterday.

Shocker: Two U.S. Soldiers Killed by Another

| Posted 09.17.2008 | Politics

The Pentagon has announced that two U.S. soldiers -- a staff sergeant and a sergeant -- were killed Sunday morning in a "non-hostile incident."

Coming from the Sunday NY Times: Obama's Former Law Students Give Him an "A" -- and Offer Insight on His Presidency

| Posted 09.18.2008 | Politics

A major story in this coming Sunday's special New York Times Magazine "college" issue explores Barack Obama's teaching days as a law professor at the ...

Giant Gaffe: McCain Confuses National Guard and Army -- and Palin's Son

| Posted 09.20.2008 | Politics

Today, the Anchorage Daily News hits Palin hard in an editorial for abdicating to the McCain campaign on Troopergate and runs a gem on a stunning, overlooked McCain gaffe.

Obama Gains First Major Newspaper Endorsement

| Posted 09.22.2008 | Politics

Joining the New York Post (which went for McCain) as an early endorser, the Seattle Times declares, "Obama should be the next president of the United ...

Parody of Those E-mail Scams from Nigeria -- Now Featuring Hank Paulson!

| Posted 09.24.2008 | Politics

Surely you know about -- or likely received -- one of those classic emails from a few years back, claiming to be from a wealthy foreigner, often Nige...

Why So Many Pundits Wrongly Scored the Debate 'Even'

| Posted 09.27.2008 | Politics

My feeling is that the Couric interview might have done for McCain what the first Nixon-Kennedy debate did for Nixon in 1960 -- a true watershed moment.

Paul Newman (and Me) and the 1968 Race for President

| Posted 09.28.2008 | Entertainment

Some credit Newman with being largely responsible for Eugene McCarthy's strong showing in New Hampshire, which drove LBJ out of the race.

Portland Paper Distributes Controversial 'Muslim Terror' DVD--Even After Mayor Asks It to Refrain

| Posted 09.28.2008 | Media

The Oregonian today distributed to its Portland area subscribers, as paid advertising, the controversial DVD titled Obsession that raises alarms about...

Palin Gives Major 'Interview' (To Hometown Paper): Asked About Book Banning and Rape Kits -- Still Claims She Cancelled Bridge

| Posted 09.30.2008 | Politics

Amazingly, she suggests that her kids are the first candidate's offspring to have their privacy probed -- after bringing her pregnant teen daughter up on stage at the GOP convention.