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Entries by Greg Mitchell from 03/2009

Ticking Time Bomb (Literally): Man who Murdered Pastor Was Profiled by Paper Last Summer as Lyme Disease Victim

| Posted 03.09.2009 | Media

The news that Terry Joe Sedlacek suffered from Lyme disease has kicked off speculation about severe Lyme leading to insane violence.

Coming This Sunday in the New York Times: The Uproar Over George W. Bush's College 'Freedom Institute'

| Posted 03.13.2009 | Politics

Critics are denouncing the new "Freedom Institute" established by George W. Bush for various reasons, including the fact that it has been set up to pursue and defend his policies and record, not for scholarly research.

Jon Stewart Wrecked Cramer -- But Did He Elect Obama?

| Posted 03.15.2009 | Media

Mainly through his show's withering and wicked mockery of President Bush and Vice President Cheney for several years, Stewart played a role in helping Obama along.

As 6th Anniversary Nears: Amazing Poll Reveals Most Iraqis Wish We Did Not Invade

| Posted 03.18.2009 | Politics

A surprising new poll by leading media organizations, as the sixth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq queitly approaches this week, finds that d...

On Sixth Anniversary of War: Suicides Skyrocketing

| Posted 03.19.2009 | World

In the Army alone, 18 troops committed suicide in February -- down six from January's high, but still above what they expected. Top brass in the military continue to be evasive about the problem.

My First Day on Twitter

| Posted 03.24.2009 | Media

I've generally been dismissive of Twitter as a further dumbing down of our discourse and journalism but after one day I see the useful side of it.

Most Amazing Jim Cramer Clip Yet: He Calls Andrew Cuomo a 'Genuine Communist'

| Posted 03.27.2009 | Media

2009-03-27-mitchell.jpgSomehow Jon Stewart missed perhaps the most damning Jim Cramer clip of all from the CNBC archives.