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Entries by Gretchen Rubin from 10/2007

Sex and the City, the Movie, Comes Right to My Neighborhood -- and Brings a Little Happiness

| Posted 10.02.2007 | Healthy Living

Seeing the movie being made right near my house gave me a sense of the theatricality of everyday life.

Ten Tips for Asking Questions from the Audience, Plus a Bonus Secret of Adulthood

| Posted 10.05.2007 | Healthy Living

You'll be happy that you asked a question. Whenever I do participate, I feel more engaged and enjoy myself more. I'm working on speaking up.

Six Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Vigorous, Healthy Old Age

| Posted 10.10.2007 | Healthy Living

One of my happiness-project resolutions is to take steps now that will lay the groundwork for my life decades from now.

Seven Tips on How Simultaneously to Boost Your Happiness and Safeguard the Environment

| Posted 10.17.2007 | Healthy Living

Pick up other people's litter. Do good, feel good is a happiness truism that really is true. Act like a considerate citizen of the world, and you'll boost your self-esteem.

Seven Topics to Avoid if You Don't Want to Risk Being a Bore

| Posted 10.24.2007 | Healthy Living

If you're having a conversation with someone, and it's interrupted, and that person shows no interest in picking up the thread of the dropped conversation, let it go.

Fake It 'Till You Feel It

| Posted 10.26.2007 | Healthy Living

One of the critical pieces of information I've learned from the Happiness Project is that I should act the way I want to feel. If I want to feel more energetic, I need to act more energetic.

Four Tips for Surmounting Boredom or Irritation

| Posted 10.31.2007 | Healthy Living

One "little thing" that can be a source of unhappiness is being stuck on a task that's boring or irritating. The more you focus on your boredom or irritation, the more you'll amplify that feeling.