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Entries by Gretchen Rubin from 08/2010

8 Tips for Boosting Your Energy, Right Now

| Posted 08.05.2010 | Healthy Living

Lots of good results flow from having plenty of energy. Life just seems more manageable. Also, studies show, you're more likely to feel good about yourself.

Reconsider the Rules of Thumb You Use in Everyday Life

| Posted 08.09.2010 | Healthy Living

My adventures in happiness research led me to the concept of heuristics. Heuristics are "rules of thumb," the quick, common sense principles people apply to solve a problem or make a decision.

Life Got You Down? Frame Your Problem

| Posted 08.12.2010 | Healthy Living

When you're annoyed or frustrated, ask yourself, "What exactlyis the problem here?" This rule seems so obvious that it's hard to explain why it's so tremendously helpful.

12 Tips for Getting Regular Exercise--and the Benefits for Happiness

| Posted 08.16.2010 | Healthy Living

Feeling tired is a reason to exercise, not a reason to skip exercise.

Throw Away Other People's Trash, or, How to Boost Your Self-Esteem

| Posted 08.19.2010 | Healthy Living

The best way to feel better about yourself is to do something worthy of your own respect.

Balanced Life -- 5 Tips for Happiness Inspired by a Family Vacation

| Posted 08.23.2010 | Healthy Living

It's hard to remember the lessons I've learned. For that reason, because I'm going away on my family vacation next week, I went back to see what I wrote last August's vacation.