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Entries by Harold Pollack from 05/2008

Can We Not Threaten to Obliterate Anyone Today?

| Posted 05.03.2008 | Politics

We must encourage global norms of decency in which it becomes simply unthinkable to harm or terrorize innocent people in pursuit of any political cause or to unleash any weapon of mass destruction.

Can We Forgive Each Other? An Indiana Garage Sale Reminds Us Why We Will

| Posted 05.07.2008 | Politics

We've been through a painful family feud, but this will be a tough general election fight. We'll come together. Too much is at stake for us not to.

In Victory, Magnanimity

| Posted 05.14.2008 | Politics

If Obama wins the presidency, his policies will be strongly influenced, for the better, by the contributions made by John Edwards and his team.

Think You Need a Raise? Caregivers for the Disabled Need One More Than You Do

| Posted 05.16.2008 | Healthy Living

We trust direct care workers to care for our loved ones. We should earn their trust by paying a living wage.

Full-Blooded Un-American

| Posted 05.21.2008 | Politics

Jason Fry, 24, of West Virginia prefers "a full-blooded American" like John McCain to Barack Obama, but Fry does not understand the animating spirit of our diverse democracy.

Reverend Hagee's Hitler Problem and Mine: God, Could You Email Me Offline?

| Posted 05.30.2008 | Politics

Hagee is not stupid or crazy. It is only his worldview that leads him to the occasional stupid or crazy place.