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Entries by Harold Pollack from 06/2008

What's More Important to Honor our Military: Better Leadership or Another Sunday Speech?

| Posted 06.02.2008 | Politics

Whatever Kristol means, he is fighting a culture war that ended many years ago. There is no ideological or partisan divide when it comes to caring about Americans in harm's way.

Dog Bites Man: The Obama Health Plan Beats McCain's for a Single Mom and Her Children

| Posted 06.17.2008 | Politics

McCain's healthcare plan would unravel key advantages of employer-based coverage. Yet he offers nothing in its place to accomplish the same tasks.

Some Kill with a Six Gun, Others with a Frying Pan: We Must Take Better Care of Ourselves

| Posted 06.19.2008 | Healthy Living

What's happening to our kids mostly reflects what is happening among adults. We are becoming too fat and too sedentary, with large and growing gaps along lines of race, income, and schooling.

Being the Change we Want to See: Let's Not Trash Cindy McCain Over Her Past Drug Problems

| Posted 06.20.2008 | Politics

If she lets her husband campaign in the family airplane or has complicated financial and personal dealings, I think that's fair game. As for her drug problem, I have great wariness.

So Crazy, it Might Work: A Grand Nuclear Bargain between Israel and Iran

| Posted 06.29.2008 | Politics

I submit that Israel should offer a grand bargain to Iran and other Middle Eastern states. Israel should say: We will give up our nukes, verifiably, if you do the same, verifiably.

Contra Krugman: President Obama Won't be Another Clinton or another Reagan -- He Won't be Another Anybody

| Posted 06.30.2008 | Media

As Monday's column shows, when Krugman writes about Obama, the great economist seems to lose his moorings.