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Entries by Harold Pollack from 07/2008

Get Well Soon: To Brian and Everyone Else Harmed by Stupid and Impulsive Crimes

| Posted 07.03.2008 | Politics

Brian Beutler, the talented journalist and blogger, has been shot and wounded in a botched mugging, another pointless act of violence.

Please help Brian Beutler--another victim of a stupid handgun crime

| Posted 07.04.2008 | Media

My previous column mentioned that the talented progressive blogger Brian Beutler was shot and wounded in a stupid and vicious botched mugging over a f...

Sorry Mr. President, but Jesse Helms was NOT a "Kind, Decent, and Humble Man," nor a "Great Patriot."

| Posted 07.05.2008 | Politics

Jesse Helms has passed, and what should we say? We can extend our condolences to the Helms family, who are not responsible for his misdeeds and odiou...

Did Dick Morris and Eileen McGann Read Anything about the Obama Health Plan? Did Their Editors?

| Posted 07.22.2008 | Politics

Morris and McGann slam the Obama health plan for its alleged generous coverage of undocumented immigrants. How can the Post print an op-ed whose core factual premise is transparently false?

Two MS patients, one English, one American: Which One was Driven to Cut up his Pills, Lost his Home, and Went Bankrupt?

| Posted 07.24.2008 | Politics

Explain to me again slowly why we spend twice as much for healthcare as the British do, yet we still disparage their "socialized medicine" based on stereotyped images from decades ago?

Slaying Himself with the Jawbone of an Ass: Michael Savage on Autism

| Posted 07.30.2008 | Media

Whether Americans are black or white, Republican or Democrat, rich or poor, decent folk don't care to hear Michael Savage disparage the disabled or their caregivers.