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Entries by Harold Pollack from 04/2009

Another nerd issue that matters for health reform: Preventing needless (re)hospitalization

| Posted 04.04.2009 | Healthy Living

Last year, my wife got sick and ended up taking in an unexpected vacation in a cardiac ICU. After a scary week, I brought her home. We called the acad...

Why Does Michelle Obama Drive People Crazy?

| Posted 04.12.2009 | Politics

Maybe if I actually knew her, I would understand why this mild-mannered person drives otherwise-sane people crazy.

Showing some backbone on health reform: Hat's off to the New York Times

| Posted 04.12.2009 | Media

The Obama administration and various other Democrats are dancing around the possibility of using an arcane but important device known as the reconciliation process to force an up-down vote on health reform.

From Protest to Coalition Politics in the Fight for Health Reform

| Posted 04.20.2009 | Politics

Obama is pursuing the right overall strategy to ensure that we achieve an ambitious, if imperfect health reform. Passing health reform in 2009 would be a huge victory for progressive values.