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Entries by Harry Shearer from 06/2006

Where the Corps Leads, Can Politicians Still Be Afraid to Tread?

| Posted 06.01.2006 | Huffington Post

The Army Corps of Engineers' culpability for the drowning of this city has finally made major national news, thanks to the report the Corps' own inspection team issued today.

A Week on the Brink

| Posted 06.02.2006 | Media
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I came to New Orleans last Friday for one of my last visits before summertime commitments keep me away.

The Corps Report: Was Lack of Media Strategy the Strategy?

| Posted 06.03.2006 | Media
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It's worth thinking about the media strategy, or lack thereof, behind the release of the Army Corps of Engineers' report on Thursday.

Left, Right, and Nowhere

| Posted 06.03.2006 | Huffington Post

I've been yelling across the miles for months about the national media's blind spot about the New Orleans disaster. Now, I'm metaphorically yelling across the hall.

Fact-Checking the AP

| Posted 06.06.2006 | Media
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In the living room of the tiny house, discussing the piano he once played, Nixon mused: "I often thought, if I'd been born at another time, I just might be a rapper."

Laura Ingraham--Call the State Dept.

| Posted 06.07.2006 | Media
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A cable sent by US Iraq Ambassador Zalmay Khalalizad to Condi Rice in early May makes media reports, by comparison, sound positively Pollyanna-ish.

Reasons to Trust the Corps, Continued

| Posted 06.09.2006 | Huffington Post

For those who wonder why New Orleanians have long since become inured to FEMA but can still raise a healthy amount of ire at the Corps, here's another reason.

Americans Have Hearts and Minds, Too

| Posted 06.11.2006 | Media
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My friend Lolis Eric Elie notes the variety of stories deemed more significant than an arm of the US government admitting culpability for wrecking parts of a major American city. Like me, he can only wonder why.

Fact-Checking Coulter (!)

| Posted 06.13.2006 | Media
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Perhaps the least-commented-upon moment in Ann Coulter's interview with Matt Lauer last week was Coulter's four-word response on the subject of WMD's not being found in Iraq...

Why Didn't They Think of This Last Year?

| Posted 06.15.2006 | Media
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Obviously, there's no national attention on this story, aside from you and me, because Zarqawi's dead.

HUD Drops the Third Shoe

| Posted 06.16.2006 | Media
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First it was the Army Corps of Engineers, building levees to die for. Then FEMA came along, handing out aid without even checking recipients' addresses. Now, we've got the Federal trifecta...

A New Orleans Diary, part one

| Posted 06.19.2006 | Huffington Post

This may be the only major city in America where it's impossible, whatever the price range of the eatery, to find a restaurant where the crowd is all white, or all black, or all anything.

Welcome to Little China

| Posted 06.20.2006 | Media
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The Los Angeles Times, and other media outlets around the country, are censoring the websites that can be viewed from their own newsrooms.

A New Orleans Diary, part 2

| Posted 06.20.2006 | Huffington Post

I was going to have an exclusive two-hour interview with Angelina Jolie, but Anderson Cooper scooped me. So I'll just have to confine myself to what's going on in New Orleans.

Early (or Late?) Warning for Florida

| Posted 06.22.2006 | Media
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I'll raise the question that doesn't seem to have been answered yet: how come the Corps didn't have sandbags stockpiled on site at the 17th St. Canal?

Not Getting Quite as Much Attention as the Fraud....

| Posted 06.22.2006 | Media
Read More: Media News this damning court decision, in which U.S. District Judge Stanwood R. Duval Jr. ruled on a class-action lawsuit by Katrina victims (by which the WaPo means flooding victims) against FEMA.

A New Orleans Diary, part 3

| Posted 06.23.2006 | Huffington Post

Are people celebrating their hurricane anxieties away? That's a popular local theory.

A New Orleans Diary, part 4

| Posted 06.25.2006 | Media
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It's been a squint day. That is to say, one of those days when, if you squint sufficiently, it's easy to convince yourself that New Orleans is back to normal.

A New Orleans Diary, part 5

| Posted 06.26.2006 | Media
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All around the campus are empty houses in the many developments with "Lake" in their names. Unlike in Southern California, these all abut a real lake, and that's why the houses are largely empty now.

Keeping Anderson Honest

| Posted 06.26.2006 | Media
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CNN's promos all weekend had Anderson Cooper saying billions of "your dollars" are coming to New Orleans, and does Mayor Ray Nagin have a plan for how to spend it? Good tease, no please.

What The Supreme Court's Saying, Maybe

| Posted 06.30.2006 | Huffington Post

To even reach the point where this decision could be considered, the Court majority had to reach the conclusion that the War on Terror isn't really a war.