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Entries by Harry Shearer from 09/2006

A Portrait Of New Orleans, One Year On

| Posted 09.01.2006 | Politics
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Predictably, the national media, with George Bush in tow (or is that vice versa?) have moved back out of New Orleans, their file tape stored for another few weeks or months.

A New Orleans Diary--Year Two

| Posted 09.04.2006 | Politics
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New Orleans is steadily becoming more of a 24-hour city again, and not just on the tourist streets.

The War on Terror--a Bright Idea

| Posted 09.06.2006 | Huffington Post

Bush cited Osama bin Laden as the mastermind of an ideology as evil and threatening as Nazism and Communism before it. So, here's a bright idea.

Big News in the Little Towns

| Posted 09.09.2006 | Media
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Sure, there's plenty of 9/11 remembrance to make room for, but--just a tiny little spot in the news hole for a guy who says there was a command from the top to do no postwar planning?

Dear Reuters--How Do You Spell "Editor"?

| Posted 09.09.2006 | Media
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When you're writing news copy, which goes through those famous layers of editors we've heard so much about, spoonerisms are like any other error: they undermine the credibility of the report.

We Fly So You Don't Have To

| Posted 09.14.2006 | Politics
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We trust our lives to the airlines and airports. We undergo severe inconveniences for the sake, we are told, of their concern for our safety.

A Clarifying Moment

| Posted 09.17.2006 | Politics
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Maybe a country that has tolerated so much dehumanizing drivel for so long in its popular culture really has lost a sense of what an outrage upon human dignity looks like.

A Katrina Metric

| Posted 09.17.2006 | Huffington Post

Small landlords--the vast majority of landlords in New Orleans--are stymied in attempting their own recovery.

It's Not the Stupidity, Stupid

| Posted 09.18.2006 | Media
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A broadcast industry which programs up, which assumes its audience is as intelligent as its executives, may or may not make that audience smarter, but, at the very least, it won't make them dumber.

Life Inside the Bubble

| Posted 09.20.2006 | Media
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So there was a so-called "war of words" at the UN Tuesday, built up by the MSM as such, and all three cable news nets carried President Bush's speech live, as they should have.

AC360: Which Tease, Please?

| Posted 09.20.2006 | Media
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Which question did Anderson Cooper tease his next segment with tonight?

We Don't Do Threat Assessment?

| Posted 09.24.2006 | Huffington Post

Do the supporters of the Iraq war really think Iraq was a greater menace to peace and stability in 2001 than Pakistan?

A New Orleans Diary--Saints Day

| Posted 09.25.2006 | Politics
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I may be the only person in New Orleans for this weekend who didn't come for the Saints game. Nonetheless, there's a palpable difference in the feel of the city this time around.

Outside the Bubble, The Story's the Same, but Different

| Posted 09.28.2006 | Politics
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So, why does the news of a report that echoes the controversial conclusions of the NIE and expands upon them stop at the water's edge?

The Corps Scores Again

| Posted 09.28.2006 | Politics
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For people who think New Orleanians bitter about the failure of the Corps of Engineers to build their levees and floodwalls properly are just isolated...

Outside the Bubble: Brit Military Debates Iraq Pullout

| Posted 09.29.2006 | Politics
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What can the political motivation be for the British leak--unless it's the increasing frustration of those in the military with the policy they're being ordered to carry out?

Why Can't the New Orleanians in Houston, Atlanta, etc. Come Home?

| Posted 09.30.2006 | Politics
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Now, just now, some of the $12 billion in federal funds earmarked for compensating homeowners in New Orleans for their wrecked houses-- caused by the ...