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Entries by Harry Shearer from 03/2007

Next Time a Levee Breaks, Be a Veteran

| Posted 03.03.2007 | Politics
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Can't help but notice the alacrity with which the President and the Secretary of Defense have responded to the scandal at building 18 of Walter Reed Hospital.

Hurricane Newt Blows In

| Posted 03.04.2007 | Entertainment
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In case Newt hasn't been reading up, the folks in the Ninth Ward weren't caught by a hurricane. They were surprised by an eighteen-foot-high wall of water as their federally built flood protection structure failed.

The Times-Picayune Predicts the Future, Again

| Posted 03.07.2007 | Business
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It's foolish to build a better levee system without a serious, expensive, systematic commitment to restoring the wetlands that have disappeared, basically, on our watch.

"How Are Things Down There?"

| Posted 03.11.2007 | Politics
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The Times-Picayune tries a comprehensive answer to the question today, with a stat-filled survey of the major areas that can explain how mixed the emotions are right now.

Happy Birthday, Iraq War

| Posted 03.17.2007 | Huffington Post

My, you're all grown up now. You look so big. And you're so much more complex than we thought. Of course, raising you was a little more expensive than we imagined.

The Corps is Found Guilty, Again. And Again.

| Posted 03.21.2007 | Media
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No surprise, except to those who still believe what happened to New Orleans was a natural disaster.

Some Good News From New Orleans--A Blog to Cherish

| Posted 03.25.2007 | Media
Read More: Media News has one hell of a New Orleans blog going on. It contradicts everything one thinks about New Yorker, New York and New Yorkish journalism.