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Entries by Harry Shearer from 06/2007

A Simple Question for All the Candidates

| Posted 06.03.2007 | Politics
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Why wasn't it worth an hour or two, or three, of your time to read the full NIE, complete with footnotes of dissent, before you voted to send Americans, and America to war?

It Was Forty Years Ago Today (Kinda)

| Posted 06.05.2007 | Media
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There was a little oxygen left for one 40th anniversary -- of Sgt. Pepper -- but none for the 40th anniversary being covered by news media outside this country almost universally: the Six Day War.

Everybody Draws the Line Somewhere

| Posted 06.07.2007 | Media
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MSNBC commentator Willie Geist, joining the parade of yakkers denouncing the LA Sheriff's decision to release Paris Hilton, harumphed: "This insults our intelligence."

Keeping "Keeping Them Honest" Honest

| Posted 06.11.2007 | Media
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Anderson Cooper's back in New Orleans, and the first hour of his newscast Monday night included a "Keeping Them Honest" piece on returned FEMA trailers having been vandalized.

The Addicts

| Posted 06.15.2007 | Media
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Some of the very reporters and anchors covering Hilton-mania were engaging simultaneously in what the political reporters only do after the election is safely over: publicly bemoan the job they were doing.

How About Keeping This Honest?

| Posted 06.17.2007 | Media
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Friday's Times-Picayune reports on the September, 2005 memo from FEMA, which critics have characterized as a "blank check" to insurers.

Thanks for the Lip Service

| Posted 06.19.2007 | Politics
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At the end of a long answer to a question asking for "grand ideas" from the Democrats, Edwards said, "New Orleans is a national disgrace, something should be done about that." Neither grand nor an idea, just a sentiment brimming with emptiness.

Fareed At Last

| Posted 06.25.2007 | Media
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In the face of the reality detailed by Fareed Zakaria, what benefit does the Bush administration derive from ignoring such reality-based advice?

Joel Siegel

| Posted 06.30.2007 | Media
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This is about the Joel Siegel that I knew: the pre-moustache Joel. It startles me to see his name on the obit page. Life, John F. Kennedy kept trying to remind us, is not fair.