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Entries by Harry Shearer from 10/2007

If a Tree Falls in Burma, And the US Media Don't Cover It

| Posted 10.02.2007 | Media

When the reporting on Burma seems against all odds to truthfully reflect the awful situation there, it's hard for us to be roused even to a simulation of moderate interest.

New Orleans and Mississippi: Something in Common

| Posted 10.07.2007 | Huffington Post

A Rand report on Mississippi echoes, at a lower pitch, what's happening in the Crescent City: the recovery is being slowed by a lack of workers, created by the lack of any place for working people to live.

When They Make a Silly Show About You, Have a Party

| Posted 10.07.2007 | Entertainment

The Fox cop series K-Ville has a tendency to take New Orleans cliches and twist them into new forms -- hence the invention, on the pilot episode, of the hitherto unknown custom, "gumbo parties."

Nice to Know Innovation is Alive at the Corps

| Posted 10.09.2007 | Politics

The Corps may have come up with the coolest freebie at this week's military-equipment convention in the nation's capital: a "stress ball" in the shape of a hard hat.

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

| Posted 10.14.2007 | Politics

If the same technology, embodied in the same infrastructure, can be used either (or both) for peace and war, one's ability to detect preparations for war is seriously, if not fatally, compromised.

"Whatever It Takes," Take 2

| Posted 10.17.2007 | Politics

A new program to take up the slack in New Orleans is being announced by: the feds? Nope. The city? You gotta be kidding. No, by private foundations.

You Can't Sue the Corps? How About Suing FEMA?

| Posted 10.20.2007 | Politics

Everybody thinks they know the role FEMA played in the response to Katrina in New Orleans. What people still don't realize is the role the US Army Corps of Engineers played in designing that disaster.

Comparing Cumquats and Canteloupes

| Posted 10.27.2007 | Media

Unless one of the SoCal arsonists is proved to be a federal employee, the government's involvement in the causation of Louisiana's woes is the primary distinction between the Katrina and the SoCal wildfires.

Now He Tells Us

| Posted 10.27.2007 | Politics

BOSTON--Sunday's NYT runs a piece on California officials mulling changes in development strategies in the wake of this week's fires. Two nuggets: th...

Reward and...

| Posted 10.28.2007 | Politics

Duncan Hunter thinks Congress would "reward" California for its exemplary behavior. Is Congress punishing another area for its "behavior" during another disaster?

Dealing with Terrorism, Without War

| Posted 10.31.2007 | Politics

Like Britain, Germany and Italy before it, Spain has dealt with its terrorism problem, at least for now, without resorting to war.