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Entries by Harry Shearer from 11/2007

Returning and Rebuilding

| Posted 11.07.2007 | Politics

Superblocks may look nice on a clean slate, but the New Orleanians who ache to return want to come back to someplace that looks, and feels, like the city they have missed for so long.

Lesson: Work for FEMA, Don't Get Helped by It

| Posted 11.09.2007 | Politics
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The sad comedy-drama of the FEMA trailers sent to the Gulf Coast, New Orleans and Mississippi alike, just got a new chapter.

Factoid: Who's Stupidly Not Getting Flood Insurance?

| Posted 11.12.2007 | Politics
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A lot of the commenters who seem indisposed to sympathize with the plight of New Orleans call the citizens of that community dumb or careless for living in such a location.

Take the Long Road Home

| Posted 11.17.2007 | Media

New Orleans' "Small Rental Property Program," has become a Kafkaesque nightmare, teasing people with the illusion of almost enough assistance to begin rebuilding, while, in fact, giving them nothing.

"There's That Stupid Negative Sign"

| Posted 11.17.2007 | Politics

The new gates and levee repairs by the US Army Corps of Engineers are, it now appears, giving almost no additional protection.

The NBA Gets It, The Pols Don't

| Posted 11.20.2007 | Politics

What is it the Presidential Debate Commission, and its associated pols, don't get about expressing solidarity with a city critically wounded by the malfeasance of the federal government?

Let There Be Light

| Posted 11.22.2007 | Politics

Any reader of reports on New Orleans flooding disaster, has to have assumed a certain amount of tension between the independent engineers and the Army group.

The Debate about the Debate Continues

| Posted 11.27.2007 | Politics

I asked Anne Milling, of Women of the Storm (the non-profit organization which was the official proponent of the New Orleans debate) to clarify the issues involved.

What Fumes?

| Posted 11.30.2007 | Politics

Remember FEMA's pledge to test its trailers for formaldehyde fumes?