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Entries by Harry Shearer from 03/2008

Short Attention-Span Theater

| Posted 03.08.2008 | Politics

Two events dominating this week's news demonstrate together how we've managed to build a society incapable of taking the long view -- of anything.

Sex Hypocrisy Trumps The Other Kinds

| Posted 03.11.2008 | Politics

The Spitzer switcheroo -- two fisted crime-fighting prosecutor to alleged Mann Act violator -- is not the most dramatic nor ironic of 180s among New York prosecutors-turned-pols.

McCain Gaffe -- It Wasn't on Our Minds

| Posted 03.23.2008 | Media

On Sunday's Face The Nation, Doyle McManus of the L.A. Times gave an invaluable insight into the way stories do, or don't, become "news".

The New Orleans Affordable Housing Crisis Worsens, Thanks to the Credit Crunch

| Posted 03.24.2008 | Politics

Developers of affordable housing are having a difficult time getting their projects financed, and that means evacuees get to stay where they got dumped almost three years ago.

Buried Lede Department: Why No Presidential Candidate Says Anything of Substance About the Disaster in New Orleans

| Posted 03.27.2008 | Politics

Maybe, someday, some enterprising reporter will ask the remaining candidates why they didn't show much of an interest in working with Bush's point man for the recovery.