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Entries by Harry Shearer from 07/2008

The NBA's David Stern Does Doo-Doo Diligence

| Posted 07.02.2008 | Entertainment

Pardon the George Bush 41-inspired wordplay, but what can one think of the NBA's attempt to get a P.R. handle on the refereeing scandal in the league?

FEMA's Trailers: The Cheapest, The Most Toxic

| Posted 07.03.2008 | Politics

Another shoe dropped in the FEMA trailer scandal this week, with the publication of a report pinpointing why so many New Orleanians inhaled such high levels of formaldehyde fumes for so long.

Bobby Jindal, the Ball is In Your Courts

| Posted 07.05.2008 | Politics

Has Governor Jindal ejected himself from the Veep Rocket whose trajectory seemed so impressive just two weeks ago?

Is There an Echo in Here? Echo in Here? Echo in Here?

| Posted 07.10.2008 | Media

After the test launch of missiles, it's almost as if there wasn't a National Intelligence Estimate issued just last December that said that Iran's nuclear weapons program was stopped four years ago.

The Iranian Missile Photos -- Be Very Afraid

| Posted 07.11.2008 | Politics

An Iranian blogger posts this week's photo along with a photo of a Iranian missile launch that was taken two years ago, and suggests that they are, um, the same photo.

Miss Universe in Vietnam -- Isn't That Wild?

| Posted 07.13.2008 | Entertainment

The last time I think a prime time NBC show originated anywhere in Vietnam, it was a Bob Hope special, he was entertaining the troops on some base and it certainly wasn't live.

Even Paid Speech Isn't Free

| Posted 07.16.2008 | Media

When Clear Channel saw my "Songs of the Bushmen" ads, their tone changed from oleaginously friendly salesman to angry schoolmarm -- the art was "not acceptable," a curt email informed me.

Intel Goes Down the Memory Hole Again

| Posted 07.20.2008 | Media

It's no surprise this latest NIE has fallen down the administration's memory hole, but what excuse do those in the media have for sipping the amnesia juice?

Louisiana's "Road Home"--the Goalposts Keep Moving

| Posted 07.26.2008 | Politics

For those outside New Orleans who ask, "what happened to all the Federal money down there?", a guide appears in the Times-Picayune explaining the labyrinth homeowners have had to navigate to get their Road Home grant.

CNN Anchor Heidi Collins -- Incredible

| Posted 07.31.2008 | Media

Is it really hard to believe that most American produce retailers don't routinely label country of origin on all their fruits and vegetables? Does Collins not shop for her own food?