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Entries by Harry Shearer from 08/2008

Some Hounds from St. Bernard (and some cats)

| Posted 08.01.2008 | Politics

The St. Bernard Parish animal shelter, just east of New Orleans, has run out of room, and a lot of dogs and cats either have to be adopted know the rest.

Why Not Trust The Corps? They're "Scrambling"

| Posted 08.02.2008 | Huffington Post

With the continued reports of water leaking and puddling in backyards on the supposedly protected side of the 17th St. Canal -- reports the Corps is still scrambling (my word) to explain -- New Orleans is once again forced to ask: is this the best America can do?

Putin's Lesson

| Posted 08.11.2008 | Politics

As Putin watched the U.S plunge into two wars in the Middle East, he saw a power vacuum in his neighborhood. He was playing old-fashioned power politics while his "friend" Bush was trying to remake Arabia.

Oil: Supply vs. Demand

| Posted 08.14.2008 | Politics

Why are the Democrats in Congress, and the Obama campaign, still fluttering with anxiety to join the "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" campaign introduced and orchestrated by Newt Gingrich?

What Bush Said in New Orleans Today, and What He Didn't Say

| Posted 08.20.2008 | Politics

The president's speechwriters found it advisable to ignore three independent forensic engineering studies and the Corps of Engineers' own 6000-page report.

All Those Federal Funds: Why the New Orleans Recovery is Slow

| Posted 08.21.2008 | Politics

For those who keep asking a variant of "why, with all the federal billions sent down there, is New Orlean's recovery so slow?", an authoritative answer is now available.

The Base Hillary Didn't Touch

| Posted 08.26.2008 | Politics

Hillary Clinton's job, we were told, was to unite her supporters behind Barack Obama. The speech she gave had several mentions apiece of her chosen themes -- only one thing was left out.

"Katrina and Cronyism"

| Posted 08.27.2008 | Politics

"Katrina and cronyism." That's the sum total of the verbiage from the podium of the DNC about the "greatest man-made engineering disaster in American history."

New Orleans: Nobody Asked, Why Not Sooner?

| Posted 08.30.2008 | Politics

Is money the reason New Orleans has to wait three more years before even the semblance of protection is in place? What's the city supposed to do in the meantime?